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Please Donate to the Possum Kingdom Fire Relief & Red Cross-

APRIL 20TH 2011 – For the last week one of the most beautiful lakes and my childhood lake Possum Kingdom has been underheavy winds and warm, dry temperatures with a blazing fire all around it. Over 150,000 acres and over 150 homes have been destroyed. Here’s more info of the fire on from NBC and [...]

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Update: From LOHG to SSE – Post Dallas Int. Film Fest

The Dallas International Film Festival couldn’t have been more of a good time with great people. Everyone from the staff to the volunteers made everyone feel at home in D Town. And of course the food was great! Now “Legend of Hell’s Gate” is moving on to it’s final film festival stop on May 4th [...]

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Legend of Hell’s Gate: World Premier in TEXAS!

After picture wrapping “The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An America Conspiracy” at the end of 2009 in Texas, it’s now making it’s way to the Dallas International Film Festival on April 1st with it’s World Premier. “I know all of us involved in the production couldn’t be happier to be premiering in Texas” said director [...]

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Valley Peaks Season Two!!

 Valley Peaks is best described as: “a Mexican soap opera in English while spoofing daytime television and teen dramas”. That does about sum it up for Season One’s absurdity but SEASON TWO on the other hand has definitely become a show of it’s own. What is that show exactly, something you’ll have to watch this fall of 2010! [...]

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Legend of Hell’s Gate Web Site, Facebook and more! is the Official web site of the feature which is set to be completed sometime in June. Although still in post production LOHG has starting to generate some buzz with the film’s release of it’s 1 minute Teaser Trailer. The Web site is still under construction and should be completed with in the next two weeks. [...]

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“The Legend of Hell’s Gate” to make appearance at Sundance

 LOHG:AAC is not premiering at the festival, it’s current status is still on the operating table at the Projektor Creative & Sleeping Giant Entertainment post studio house in downtown L.A. Sleeping Giant also to announce at Sundance it’s arrival in the production market. Lexie Beard and Space Radio are in the recoding studios in Austin, Texas corresponding with music supervisors receiving feeds in [...]

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See Valley Peaks the way it was meant to be seen…. IN GERMAN!

The web-series Valley Peaks is a German hit. See the show in a whole new light and a whole New Language. If you don’t speak German… or English… then you would probably hate the show.  So! We hope to keep expanding in translation! Next stop Japan! Here’s a link to watch: Valley Peaks: In GERMAN!

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“Black Thursday” is the title of the new project from Silver Sail Entertainment and Tanner Beard.

Go to: soon for up coming information of the new project set in the 20s “Black Thursday” from writer/director Tanner Beard. He is also said be in front of the camera. Other actors signed on for the project will be updated soon but include Russell Cummings (The Legend of Hell’s Gate, An Acrid Yarn) and [...]

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New Untitled Project Announced!

Set to start in the later part of 2010, Silver Sail Entertainment is gearing up for another film. Tanner Beard will write and direct and is said to be infront of the camera as well. Other cast members signed on are Russell Cummings (Legend of Hell’s Gate, An Acrid Yarn) and Ken Luckey (Legend of [...]

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The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy Wrapped!

Principle Photography came to a close on Nov. 18th just outside of Austin, Texas for the feature film The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy written, directed, and co-starring Tanner Beard. Among the cast are Eric Balfour, Lou Taylor Pucci, Summer Glau, Jenna Dewan, Rob Buckley, James Lafferty, Buck Taylor, and Jamie Thomas King [...]

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