Valley Peaks Season Two!!

 Valley Peaks is best described as: “a Mexican soap opera in English while spoofing daytime television and teen dramas”. That does about sum it up for Season One’s absurdity but SEASON TWO on the other hand has definitely become a show of it’s own. What is that show exactly, something you’ll have to watch this fall of 2010!

Click Here to see the teaser for Valley Peaks Second Season. Starring Tanner Beard, Kayvon Esmaili, Phil Donohue, Phil Jessen, Cathy Baron, Russell Cummings, Erika Shafer, Amelia Meyers, and Jennifer Lyons as “Samantha Chambers”.

The Popular web-series well… (in Germany, Canada, & Japan) is gearing up for some great guest stars in the continuation of the Valley Saga. New Stories. New Feel. New Characters. Questions will be answered in the new season. 

Show is currently in post production and is projected to be out in the fall.


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