Legend of Hell’s Gate: World Premier in TEXAS!

After picture wrapping “The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An America Conspiracy” at the end of 2009 in Texas, it’s now making it’s way to the Dallas International Film Festival on April 1st with it’s World Premier. “I know all of us involved in the production couldn’t be happier to be premiering in Texas” said director Tanner Beard. There’s a second screening on April 7th and the red carpet for that event will begin at 10 pm.

So many great Texas actors were apart of the movie including former or current Texas residents like; Henry Thomas, Summer Glau, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Kevin Alejandro, Glenn Morshower,  Stephen Taylor, Patrick Malone, Russell Quinn, Billy McNamara, Barry Tubb, Buck Taylor, Drew Waters, Chris Kinkade, Corey Knipe, Ken Luckey, Ryan Lee, Farah White, David H. Hickey and even Tanner’s parents Rick and Janice Beard helped bring the story to life as key cast members.

“The talent from Texas overwhelmed the “making of” process as well. Lexie Beard, Josh Burney, and other musical personnel took care of of the score and composition of the film and the list goes on and on. Amazing talent from Texans; Chris Stull, Kari Perkins and Nathanael Vorce truly brought this film to life.”

Coming soon is news on distribution and also look for LOHG at the Newport Beach Film Festival in April/May.

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7 Responses to “Legend of Hell’s Gate: World Premier in TEXAS!”

  1. NBS

    Can’t go to Dallas in April. Hope this gets distributed to theaters soon.

  2. lionel

    I can’t wait for the premiere. Of course there is Summer Glau in it but it also looks like it’s gonna be an awesome western.
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  3. john

    Can’t wait for this movie! Thank you Tanner for being a young man keeping the western genera alive for us old folks!!!

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